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5 Advantages of Operator Assisted Calls and Events

Virtual Meetings and Events have dramatically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. With online and hybrid events now commonplace for businesses globally, the demand for engaging meetings that deliver an exceptional attendee experience has never been greater.

However, executing a seamless online experience takes investment in time, resources, and effort. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and it’s essential to get it right.

Many companies now understand the workload associated with managing large virtual meetings and events and choose to opt for operator-assisted or managed events to relieve the burden and stress.

So how do you know which option is right for your business? We break down the five advantages of working with a managed provider so you can make an informed decision.

The Advantages of Operator Assisted Calls and Events

The requirement for Operator Assisted Calls and Events has recently increased for large-scale meetings that need a professional touch. Managed Virtual Events are commonly used for:

The reason? These meetings regularly share critical information and involve high-profile speakers who can be based anywhere in the world. Therefore, it’s essential to provide an exceptional experience for speakers, attendees, and meeting managers.

If your business is regularly hosting any of the above events or calls virtually, here’s why you should consider a managed option:

1. Complete Support - From Concept to Completion

As an organiser of virtual events, the last thing you want to be concerned about is technology and support for your attendees during your live event. Taking a managed approach means your skilled event operators will work with you from the beginning and will essentially hand-hold you through the process.

They will also support your live attendees on the day of your event. From technical support to live chat - they will field any questions or joining issues so you can focus on the event itself. Live attendee support for your virtual event should not be underestimated - and if you decide to go down the managed path, ensure your event operators are based globally and can offer multi-language support.

Taking a managed approach means your skilled event operators will work with you from the beginning and will essentially hand-hold you through the process.

2. Pre-Event Support - For Seamless Registration

Hosting an Investor Relations Call or Virtual AGM from scratch can be daunting, especially when so many moving parts and critical shareholders are involved.

Operator Assisted events provide pre-event support, allowing you to focus on your content while your support team helps to create a seamless registration process.

In most cases, it’s simply a matter of providing your branding guidelines, logos, and desired registration workflow through an online booking portal. You will then have your branded registration pages and autoresponder emails created, meaning you need to send the invitation with the registration link.

It’s a clean, simple way to manage the administration process as all data is connected to your live viewing platform. So you can easily track attendees and engagement metrics once your event has concluded.

3. Speaker Training - For Flawless Execution

While online meetings and events have increased in popularity - not all virtual speakers are familiar with the online platform and how to present and utilise the features.

Opting for an operator-assisted event means your speakers will also receive professional training on the platform - using the key features, engaging with tools, and presenting with ease during the live event.

Opting for an operator-assisted event means your speakers will also receive professional training on the platform

Relaxed speakers will instantly result in a receptive and engaged audience. But, ultimately, it’s about allowing them to do what they do best - present!

Moderation - For the Professional Touch

For large, critical meetings and events, you want impressive outcomes. And in the online world, nothing impresses more than a moderated event to host your speakers and keep your virtual audience engaged.

You wouldn’t host a face-to-face event without a host or facilitator, so why should you for your online meeting?

Conferencing providers who offer operator-assisted calls should include professional facilitators. Their role in your call is to:

  • Welcome attendees to your event and provide an overview of the topic

  • Provide instructions on how attendees can interact and engage during the event. Including how to ask questions, participate in electronic voting, and request support

  • Introduce your speakers at the beginning and during certain intervals

  • Control Question Time and read attendee questions out aloud for speakers

  • Conclude the call and provide an overview of the following steps

5. Analytics and Transcription - For ROI and Follow-up

Once your event has concluded, you still have the opportunity to share your on-demand content, provide attendees with valuable information and assess your success.

Managed Event providers will assist you with gaining access to a range of analytics to measure your success and Return On Investment. These include:

  • Registrations vs. Attendee Rates

  • Live Voting Data

  • Live Polling Results

  • Questions Asked

As the event organiser, the information is critical and valuable for your speakers and shareholders.

Your content (whether audio or video) will also be hosted on-demand to ensure it lives on well beyond the live date. This allows you to provide access to those who could not attend and increase engagement across your audience.

For Shareholder Announcements and Earnings Calls, you can also have your audio or video content transcribed to generate easy minutes, which can be distributed or uploaded as a downloadable document within your portal.

Operator Assisted Calls and Events essentially remove the burden and allow you to deliver professional meetings. Support and guidance are available when you need them, and your attendees will have a front-row seat to a polished event.

Discover how Streamlined Communications can help you deliver critical information online to a global audience with their Operator Assisted Calls and Events.

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