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5 Tips for Creating a Seamless Webinar Registration Process

These days, people expect the online registration process for anything to be seamless and hassle-free. So once you’ve promoted your webinar, it’s essential to ensure that registration is easy to access and complete.

When your audience arrives on your landing page, you have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression and convert them to attendees. Here are some tips on creating a seamless process, and in turn, enhancing the customer experience.

Keep your fields minimal for quick conversions.

Only capture the essential details. We recommend keeping fields to five, and a minimum, always use the fields email, first name, last name, and organisation name. This will allow you to capture the necessary information to join on the day and personalise your follow-up emails.

Consider using other fields that will assist your speakers and allow you to cater your webinar content to their needs. These may include:

  • What are you hoping to gain from joining this webinar? (open text field)

  • Please select which content is most valuable to you (checkboxes)

  • What is your primary purpose for joining this event? (radio buttons)

  • Do you have any questions for the presenter that you would like to submit ahead of time? (open text field)

This information will prove to be invaluable for your speakers. It will allow them to focus on what is essential to the live audience and increase engagement for all involved.

If possible, integrate your data capture fields with your marketing platform. This will save your team importing and exporting spreadsheets, improving the process for all. You can find out more about Streamlined’s integration capabilities here.

Be clear on your intentions

Ensure your calls to action are clear. Submit or register buttons should be easy to click and instantly notify registrants of what will happen next.

You have two options here:

  1. Thank you notification - Once someone registers, a thank you message will appear notifying them that their registration has been successful. This should also let them know that they will receive an email containing joining details.

  2. Thank you redirect page - This is where you can get quite creative. Redirecting your registrants to a separate thank you page allows you to customise your content even further. You can also use images and other calls to action to promote other content and upcoming events.

When in doubt, automate

Once your registrants have completed their details, your workflow must provide them with the necessary information to join immediately.

Always send an automatic confirmation email which includes the following details:

  • The details of your webinar, followed by an easy to access link to join

  • An add to calendar button to remind registrants of your webinar

  • Support information - where can they go if they require assistance on the day of your webinar?

You can also use this email to encourage registrants to send questions to your speakers ahead of the event. This will increase their investment in your webinar and the likelihood of them joining on the day.

Create a plan for reminder emails

Reminder emails are essential in any registration workflow - but how many you send depends on your topic, campaign, and personal preference.

Whatever the case, it’s essential to create your reminder emails ahead of time and schedule them so you don’t have to remember to send them manually.

Some popular options include:

  • 24 hours before the webinar

  • 4 hours before the webinar

  • 1 hour before the webinar

Be careful not to bombard your registrants with too many reminders - it may only alienate them and result in unsubscribes.

Reinforce the benefits within your follow-up emails

Live webinar attendance rates hover around the 40% mark - because people are busy, and by the time your webinar comes around, other priorities may come up. In saying this, your confirmation and reminder emails will result in quite a high open rate. So how can you use this to your advantage?

Consider using emails to remind your audience why they registered in the first place. Below the joining details, add a few bullet points reinforcing what they will gain if they join live on the day.

There you have it, our tips for creating a seamless webinar workflow that can be replicated across all your online event programs.

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